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Study Program

IMBRSea covers a wide, yet consistent, range of subjects within the marine sciences and biological resources. With an emphasis on marine biological and ecological processes, the program links biology of marine organisms and environmental studies with application in marine conservation, management, policy and planning.

What to expect during IMBRSea?

IMBRSea is packed with activities during the two years of studies. Students first go to one of 6 universities where they will all have the Fundamental Module with the same common basic subjects. In the second semester it is time for the Thematic modules and Professional Practice. Students will choose which classes to take on their Thematic Modules and will compete for different spots offered by our Partners for the Professional Practice

During Summer (end of July-August) they participate in a Summer School where they will have a full experience in research in Tjärnö Marine Station in Sweden.

For the third semester students will follow Specialization Tracks in different universities. Those were tailored thinking on the current work positions open for Marine Scientists in Europe. They will also have 6 ECTS allocated on an Online Course for preparing them for their Master thesis work. 

For the fourth and last semester, students pursue their own research for the Thesis. They can do their research anywhere in the world. 

Annual Symposium: Diving into Marine Minds

At the end of each year in June, 1st and 2nd year students attend a Symposium to present their Professional Practices and Thesis Work. It is a nice get together, to meet and interact with all IMBRSea students and teachers. It takes place each year in a different Partner University.


When you apply you will choose your first, second and third semester universities and all your mobility, except for the Professional Practice and Thesis work. Those will be chosen and decided later on. 

No. All courses are taught in English. In the first semester, some universities offers language courses as their "transfarable skills" course. 

No. All students will have a Diploma in the end of the Master Program with signatures from all the universities that are a member of the IMBRSea Consortium.

No. This course is the only one from the first semester Fundamental Module that differs in content from University to University. So, it will depend on where you choose to go for your first semester. 

Certainly! Each university has limits for the number of students they can receive per semester. That is necessary in order to deliver the classes in the best way they can. 

It takes 10 days. The rest of the summer students have time off on their vacation.