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João CR Cardoso
Professor University of Algarve

Auxiliary researcher at the Centre of Marine Sciences, Faro, Portugal. Holds a PhD in Biological Sciences by the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom and a degree in Biotechnology Engineering by the University of Algarve, Portugal. Principal research interests focus on the a) study of hormones and their receptors of the G-Protein Coupled receptor (GPCR) system and how ligand-receptor pairs were established and evolved to understand function, b) evolution and function of the innate immune molecules and c) characterization of the biomineralization toll kit in marine bivalves. Main reach areas are: Marine Sciences, Comparative genomics, Endocrinology, Evolution. He has collaborated in the supervision of 5 PhD students, 10 Master students and 15 undergraduates. He serves as a reviewer for several international scientific journals, was Guest-Editor of a special issue for General and Comparative Endocrinology on Peptide-Hormone binding GPCR evolution in Dec 2014 and is member of the editorial board of Aquaculture and Fisheries Journal (Elsevier). He has been engaged for more than 15 years in outreach scientific activities and participated in several outdoor scientific activities namely the European Researchers Night.