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IMBRSea's Online Symposium will happen next week!

Every year the IMBRSea's students, teachers, and employees get together by the end of the academic year for networking and exchanging results and experiences. At this "Diving into Marine Minds" Symposium second-year students present their thesis work and graduate obtaining their International MSc Degree in Marine Biological Resources. The first-year students have the chance to follow the presentations and also present their own experiences obtained during their Professional Practice. Because of these exchanges, public presentations, and final evaluations, the annual IMBRSea’s "Diving into Marine Minds" Symposium is a key moment for every student in the Master Program. 

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the 2020 edition of the symposium is organized as an online Symposium. The IMBRSea programme hopes to still give the students the opportunity to share with fellow students, teachers, and the public at large what they have done and learned during their experiences in the last academic year.

All 53 thesis presentations will be streamed live on the youtube channels of the programme. Students, supervisors, and the public will be able to watch and make questions to each presenting student. The full schedule of thesis presentations can be found on the website:

First-year students, presenting their professional practice, will also have an online substitute for the normal live exhibition. Each student creates an own one-page website that can be visited during the symposium. Via separate meeting rooms, the public will be able to virtually pass by and talk with each exhibitor so they can explain their work, and engage with who is attending their exhibition. The full schedule of these three professional practice exhibitions, in which all 93 students will exhibit, can also be found on the website

For more information:

The IMBRSea programme hopes to meet you “virtually” at the "Diving into Marine Minds" symposium