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IMBRSea Semesters

Check what you will learn in each semester.

Semester One - Fundamentals Module

You will choose between one of the starting universties, but all 1st semester students will learn the same subjects (total 30 ECTS). The fundamentals module with the basic skills and knowledge in Marine Biological Resources is composed by:

Semester three - Specialization Modules

For the third semester, students will choose a specialization module. Each specialization offers different modules in different universities. Students will chose one module inside the desired specialization. The available specializations are:

Semester four - Master Thesis

On the fourth semester, students do not take any other courses. They do their Master Thesis for (30 ECTS).

Fundamental Module Courses

Follow this courses in one of the six starting universities: Ghent University, University of Algarve, University of Oviedo, University of Western Brittany, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology or Marche Politechnic University.